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The easiest way EVER to create
your own business web site...
for complete beginners!

Build a web site

"Simple step-by-step guide for business owners to take their company to the Web. It's like having your own personal tutor to guide you through building your first business site..."

"Easy foolproof video enhanced system for complete beginners to launch a business web site even if you don't know a link from a button! "

If You Can Type, You Can Make a Web Site.

Hi, my name is Milana and I am the owner of the First Business Web Site.

If you are completely new to web design, you came to the right place. Most business owners who want to have a web site hire a web designer. They are afraid it is too hard, takes too long to learn, and HTML sounds just like a rocket science.

The truth is, if you have worked with a computer before and surfed the 'net for a while, you can build your own web site in a matter of days!

I have created a product that is based on a simplified approach for complete beginners. It takes you step by step through the process of making your first web site. From choosing and registering a domain name, adding text, pictures and links, to putting it on the Web.

  • You will NOT need to learn HTML to make your web site!
  • You will NOT have to buy any expensive programs!
  • You will be able to change your web site ANY time you want!

Simple Video Instructions

But here is the BEST part: every step of the way is demonstrated through a video clip that any computer can play. Want to know how to make a link? Click on this little camera and play a video, then try doing it yourself. Want to know how to resize a graphic? Play a clip and you will see me do it. Many people who are using this e-book told me, "Milana, it's like having you right next to me by my computer!"

Video Instructions

As a former music teacher who wouldn't even touch a computer for years, I know what it feels like to be scared of technology. I didn't want to read all the techno-talk. I just wanted someone to SHOW me how to do it. Years later I remembered it. Instead of creating another book on web design, I decided to add videos for a faster and easier learning process. Just look at some of the things you will learn in the video clips:

  • Adding text to your web page and changing its size and colors in seconds!
  • Inserting pictures and links by a click of a button!
  • Making a link so people could e-mail you directly from your web site
  • Saving and viewing your web page in a browser (just the way your visitors will see it!)
  • Enhancing your web page by adding a background
  • Inserting separation lines and a list of items, benefits or features
  • Making a table and adding text and pictures inside it
  • Editing simple HTML code behind your web page
  • Putting your web site online, so everyone in the world could access it

Let me just say this: there is a hard way and an easy way of learning things. Reading a tutorial full of technical jargon and confusing procedures is a hard way. Watching someone else do it right in front of your eyes - IS THE EASY WAY!

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